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Peak climbing in Nepal is an adventure that can be understood as the perfect blend of three words adventure, thrill and achievement. Nepal being the home of top of the world Mt. Everest and more than 1500’s of glorious snow capped peaks, where else would be the best place for peak climbing other than Nepal? “Peak climbing” here refers to climbing some of the popular peaks among 33 opened under Nepal Mountaineering Association and not to be confused with mountaineering expedition like summiting Everest.

Peak climbing in Nepal constitutes Island peak climbing with Everest base camp trek, Mera peak climbing, Lobuche peak climbing, Pisang peak climbing, Tharpu chuli peak climbing and Naya Kanga peak climbing which remains as the most popular climbing peaks in Nepal. Peak climbing in Nepal is beyond just trekking as you will be required to gain the basic knowledge about mountaineering equipment like using ice axe, crampons, carbines and ropes. You will be taught and let your hands on the equipments by the professionals with years of experience on mountaineering and summiting numerous glorious peaks. Peak climbing in Nepal can be considered as one of the premier adventurous experience for both beginners and experienced climbers. We organize climbing training course before ascent of peaks which helps you boost your confidence which helps in successfully reaching at the top of snowy peaks.

Peak climbing in Nepal requires good physical fitness and passion towards reaching the top of mountain. The previous peak climbing experience is not mandatory for joining most of the peak climbing in Nepal however if you have one then it would definitely help. And there is always something new and something adventurous while embarking for peak climbing in Nepal.

Island Peak Climbing – 15 Days

 “If you want to take a next step from trekking to mountaineering, climbing Island Peak is the perfect ice climbing trip.” Island Pe

Duration: 15 Days $1600/Person

Mera Peak Climbing – 17 Days

Mera Peak located at Khumbu valley is the Nepal’s highest climbing peaks offering a wonderful opportunity to be at summit of snow capped mountai

Duration: 17 Days $1990/Person

Island Peak Climbing with Everest Base Camp Trek – 21 Days

Island Peak Climbing with Everest Base Camp Trek offers an ultimate Himalayan trekking and peak climbing experience. Island peak is regarded as an ide

Duration: 21 Days $2190/Person

Lobuche Peak Climbing with Everest Base Camp Trek – 18 Days

Lobuche peak climbing with Everest base camp trek is an exclusive opportunity of being at base camp of top of the world and summiting Lobuche east pea

Duration: 18 Days $1990/Person

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing – 17 Days

Naya Kanga Peak climbing at Langtang region of Nepal is an adventurous journey towards summit of Naya Kanga peak at an altitude of 5846 meters. Naya K

Duration: 17 Days $1690/Person

Pisang Peak Climbing – 20 Days

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” Pisang Peak Climbing lets us trek around the popular

Duration: 20 Days $1600/Person

Tharpu Chuli Peak Climbing – 15 Days

Tharpu Chuli Peak or Tent peak climbing can be said as the perfect blend of peak climbing and trekking around famous Annapurna region of Nepal. Tharpu

Duration: 15 Days

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