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Trekking in Nepal comprises the best of adventure holidays in Nepal. Nepal treks encompasses these adventure trekking around the foothills of Himalayas accompanied by walking through beautiful lush green forests, river banks, terraced fields, crossing the suspension bridges and mainly surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains which can’t just be described in words. Trekking in Nepal is not just an adventure; it is an opportunity to get close into limitless natural beauty along the chance to get an insight into local culture, tradition and heritages that this beautiful country has to offer. Trekking around Nepal Himalayas remains as top adventurous activity as it has something to offer for every individual regardless their age and interest. Either you like Short and easy trekking or adventurous holidays, camping trekking around the great Himalayan trekking trail, you would certainly be enchanted by the overall experience.

Types of Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is mainly categorized on the basis of accommodation like tea-house or guest house trekking, camping or organized trekking and home stay trekking. Among all three types of trekking, tea house trekking is the most popular which is also known as lodge to lodge trekking. Followed by trekking we eat and sleep for a night in those tea houses at end of the day. Most of the popular Everest and Annapurna region treks are teahouse treks. Another form of trekking is camping trek or organized trek mainly experienced around off the beaten trails where everything from food to camps are managed and organized by trekking company. Special cook will be there for cooking at altitudes. Popular camping trek includes Narphu valley trek, Rolwaling trek, Dhaulagiri circuit trek and Kanchenjunga base camp trek etc. The other one is home stay trekking in which we stay at home of local inhabitants for a night. Usually these treks are Manaslu with Tsum valley trek and Upper mustang trek etc.

Grades of Trekking in Nepal

On the basis of difficulty, average hours of walking involved in a day and high altitude involved, trekking in Nepal is categorized on four different grades:
Grade 1 (*): These treks can be embarked by every physically capable individual regardless their age, interest and fitness level. There would not be trekking through high passes, steep climbs and average of 5 hours walking per day.
Grade 2 (**): These treks can be considered as perfect blend of smooth and hill walking. There shouldn’t be more than 6 hours of trekking activity per day. However you might need to climb a short hill which any physically capable person can accomplish without prior training and exercise.
Grade 3 (***): Grade three trekking requires regular cardio vascular exercise prior trekking days. You may have to trek for around 7 hours a day with combination of strenuous and smooth walks. Altitude may cross above 4000 meters on these treks.
Grade 4 (****): These trekking trips are most strenuous and challenging treks over the high passes above 5000 meters, which requires good level of physical fitness and you may have to ascend and descend along the trekking trails for approximately 8 hours a day.

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