Upper Mustang Trek: Visit The Kingdom of Lho

Posted On: Jul 13, 2017


Upper Mustang Region is also commonly known as the Kingdom of Lho, which currently covers 2/3rd of Mustang district. This religious and culturally rich site is greatly influenced by Tibetan Lho Kingdom that lies at north of great Annapurna Himalayan range including Dhaulagiri Mountains. This region was opened to outsiders only in early 90’s and still it is considered as restricted area trekking. Mustang gives a meaning of fertile land which was once a part of Tibetan highlands.   

Till 17th century, Mustang was a well known trade between Tibet and lowlands of Nepal. Later it became the part of Nepal in 18th century as kingdom and annexed by Nepal. Caravans were used as means of transportation and still Tibetan language is well in use among Mustangis.

Red walls are the highlights of Lo Manthang, the capital of former Kingdom and Tiji festival shows the highlights of local cultures that dates back to older than centuries. The special dance is performed along in these three days. The trekking trail also shows the diversification in landscapes, ridges, deep canyons, cliffs and valleys facing the blowing wind.

This forbidden kingdom now welcomes the travelers from all around the planet and has been attracting them with its unique landscape, culture and atmosphere. Thakalis and Gurungs being the major inhabitants, Tibetan Buddhism influenced culture is seen at higher grounds. Special permit is required and you need to have book your trip with trekking company during any time of the year to visit Upper Mustang.  Therefore, if you are planning for Upper Mustang trek, contact us now.

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