Teahouse Trekking in Nepal

Posted On: Mar 29, 2017


The most popular style of trekking in Nepal is teahouse trekking which simply means traversing from teahouse to teahouse without caring much about cooking and camping issues. It is an affordable way of trekking spending evenings or nights at teahouses. Teahouse trekking in Nepal is the best style of trekking in most of the parts of the country as it is affordable, provides home-stay feeling and a great way to interact with locals or villagers. Many camping treks have changed into teahouse treks now with the establishment of teahouses in different parts of trekking trails. Teahouse treks are practiced in many trekking regions of Nepal including popular trekking regions like Everest region, Annapurna region and Langtang region as well as other less popular trekking regions.

What is teahouse exactly?

Don’t confuse that teahouses only serve tea. Teahouses provide meals as well as accommodation. They can be considered small hotels in local villages mostly owned by family that offer home cooked meals as well as a place to sleep at nominal price. Though teahouses vary slightly from each other, most of them in Nepal are simple buildings or huts made of stones and woods with kitchen, eating hall and bathroom, and basic accommodation facility.

Typical tea house meals

As the name implies, tea is obviously served in teahouse during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Depending on the trekking route and teahouse itself, teahouses in Nepal usually provide milk tea, lemon tea, coffee and black tea flavored with mint, ginger, etc. There is a similar menu in most of the teahouses with dal bhat, momos, pasta, pizza, fried rice, soup, chowmein, spaghetti, noodle dishes, etc. In local teahouses, most foods are cooked over open fire. Don’t surprise if you find teahouses more expensive as you reach higher altitudes. That’s because of the difficulty of transportation and trade in higher altitude areas. Expect to pay more as you reach higher. Meat availability is also rare and gets more expensive as you reach higher.

Typical teahouse accommodation

Most of the teahouses have basic accommodation facility. Expect the rooms to be basic and to pay slightly more if the room has attached bathroom. Most of the rooms are provided with two small beds that have mattress, pillows, sheets and blankets (may be upon request). You can use the blanket as a second layer over your sleeping bag as well. The walls of the most of the local teahouses are thin and earplugs are recommended if you are a light sleeper. Some teahouses also offer hot bucket showers, electronic charging facility, Wi-Fi facility, etc at a small fee.

Merits of teahouse treks in Nepal

  • Trekking is affordable with nominal cost of meals and accommodation at local teahouses.
  • Home-stay feeling
  • Interaction with locals and villagers
  • Trekking can be done as per schedule. You can move at your own pace without cooking meals and arranging place to sleep.
  • You only need to carry very minimal gear.

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