Staying Healthy While Trekking in Nepal

Posted On: Mar 29, 2017


The fear of getting sick during holidays is the worst kind of fear. Mostly, travelers have the habit of getting into adventures from one side of the world to another carrying a bottle of beer in one hand and street meals on another. Also the sleeping schedule gets disturbed, jet lags, traveling on trains, bus are other challenges that most of the travelers encounter. After all, making the most out of Nepal trekking holidays without getting sick is what we all are looking for.

How can we say no to Dal Bhat Tarkari in Nepal, the rice veggies and lentil soup? How can we turn this meal down? And also momo, with spices, fried chicken and other delicacies? I guess no wise person would say, “That too much oily and carbs for me.” Well, eating healthy is the key to stay healthy.

Also we need to maintain our fitness and give it a priority. There are many ways to be in shape without expending much of money and still have fun by keeping it simple. No need to buy expensive gym items. Simply walking and exploring the local cities on foot, absorbing the culture and surrounding vibes, tasting some of the tasty and healthy street side restaurant items. We get much more than sweating on one place. Another major thing to consider is to drink the safe water along the trekking trails. You may need to get some water purifying tablets. Also eating healthy food is other factor to be considered.

We must always be an active individual with a slight health obsession. Also we need to have our mental makeover keeping negative things out of our mind. Like we are going out of our home country in a limited budget, days are going to be hectic and so on. Therefore, if you are looking to stay healthy while trekking in Nepal, you need to be both physically and mentally fit.

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