Spiritual Trekking in Nepal

Posted On: Mar 21, 2017


Pashupati is a great spot for those devoted in devotional service which is the simplest method to approach the supreme. All the parapheranelia to worship Lord Shiva are available at Pashupatinath.

Indian pilgrims from all over the world flock here in days of Mahashivaratri. Pashupatinath is a huge town in itself with various temples of different deities. The sight of corpses being burnt down at the funeral site in Pashupati is a great view for truth seekers. Spiritual aspirants yearn to learn from these sights the truth of our existence.

Lumbini which is located in Bhairahawa region is a place where Siddhartha Gautam, empounder of Buddism,also known as Lord Buddha was born by the tree as a son of Yashoda, wife of King Sudhyodhana of Shakya Dynasty. Buddha later left the palace in search of enligtenment and obtain full knowledge at Gaya while sitting under the Bodhi tree.

Osho Tapoban in the Nagarjuna hills are the most famous spots for the active entrepreneurs, engineers, professors and doctors of Nepal. After Osho passed after, it has been run by Swamis initiated by Osho and his disciples. Most of the members are highly successful and rich Kathmandu entrepreneurs. Nagarjuna mountains offer peaceful realm for meditation upon the spirit under guidance from a qualified master.

All the facilities of modern convenience are available at Nagarjuna mountains making it a great spot for spiritual vacation. Hard-working entrepreneurs and engineers come back to this spot to recharge themselves during the weekend so that they can prepare themselves for a better work.

Osho followers always had been educated and intelligent folks. Even in the USA, he gathered the richest crowd who were sick and tired of materialism and stress that comes with it. Tapoban is a great spot for spiritual tourists from all over the world. The beauty and grandeur of the place is incomparable. Engineers who attend these camps at Nagarjuna have reported high level productivity in their work.

Vipasana meditation
Vipasana generally means withdrawing within instead of worshipping a certain deitymaster outside for the spiritual attainment. Vipasana meditations began during the Buddha’s period under his disciples. Today, there are several Vipasana centers in Kamaladi and Kamalpokhari areas of Kathmandu.
Padma Jyoti of Jyoti Groups who went back to Nepal after obtaining a graduate degree from Harvard established few Vipasana meditation centers. Today, these centers offer various types of meditations and yoga teachings for interested parties. One of the most popular Vipasana meditation center is located right next to the Narayanhiti palace.

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