Reasons Behind Nepal Being a Top Trekking Destination

Posted On: Mar 28, 2017


“What is the tallest mountain in the world?”, if someone asked you this question, most of us would definitely say its Everest. Then “where is Everest?”, “It’s in the border of Nepal and Tibet”. Yes, Nepal is sandwiched between two Asian giants China and India where there are numerous Himalayan peaks, mountains and even fertile landscapes that satiates desire of travel lovers. Along this topographically and culturally diversified country, there lie rays of trekking trails around base camps of grand Himalayan vistas. From challenging multi weeks of challenging walking adventures to comparatively short and easy routes, there is always something on offer for every hiking enthusiasts either first timer or experienced ones. Also, the plethora of other activities, professional services at value for money makes Nepal a top trekking destination.

Jaw dropping natural panoramic views: While walking along the trekking routes at foothills of snow capped mountains, experience excellent natural views, panoramas of Himalayas, glittering glaciers, striking waterfalls, rivers and clean lakes that makes your trip an awesome natural adventure. Exquisite attractions of small villages at high elevation, blossoming flowers, colorful rhododendrons, and Himalayan faunas like Langoor monkeys, Himalayan yak, horses, Thar, with hundreds of birds species are other reason to be there trekking in Nepal. So, it will be just an exaggeration that for wildlife explorers, keen bird watchers, hikers, and surely for aspiring photographers, Nepal is sure to leave them asking for more.

Come across many rewarding challenges across the trails: Alongside enjoying spectacular natural vistas at trails, these walking trips also tests you with challenges that you may not have been before. Therefore while trekking in Nepal across the Himalayan routes, be prepared to cross the river streams, steep climbs, narrow paths, rocky trail and glacier moraines, moreover, get ready to face the challenges put in front of you.

For an opportunity to explore, learn and get inspired from cultural differences: A trekking in Nepal also leaves you spellbound by its fabulous cultural shows, festivals, traditional insights and foods. Embrace the diversity, explore, learn and get inspiration from what you have seen, where you have been, whom you have met and everything you get.

Therefore, these are major reasons that make Nepal a top destination for trekking and other adventurous activities. Have you been to Nepal? How was your experience? Or, if you are planning to visit Nepal, then what are you upto? Let us know, and let us show what Nepal has got and other places has not.

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