Guidelines for a first time trekker in Nepal

Posted On: Mar 29, 2017


If you are thinking about planning your first trek in the numinous lands of the Himalayan nation, then you must be wondering about how the trek will be and you also may ask yourself many questions regarding the journey which you are planning to do. Well let me tell you, before you start packing your bags for a flight to Nepal where you have never walked upon, there are some major guidelines you need to know as they can solely determine the end result of your entire trek.

So, I have pointed out some leading guidelines and have tried to answer some of your imaginative queries below to prepare yourself for your first trek in Nepal:

Best time to visit
First of all let me tell you that Nepal has many unique trekking routes which can be trekked upon all year around but it depends on the trekking destination of your choosing. Nepal’s weather conditions are unpredictable and can change anytime but generally the months from mid September to November are preferred as the best months for your visit. With great panoramic scenery with majestic views of the mountains, these are the perfect months but also the busiest. Now in comparison many consider March to Mid May as the second-best time of the year to go for trekking as temperatures are warmer but also there are high probabilities of hazy visibility.

Unfortunately, many trekkers sometimes realize that their budgeting went terribly wrong when they arrive in Nepal. Therefore it is very vital for you to pre-plan your entire budget of the trip before you come to Nepal. Firstly look through all the information available to you and find the trips that fit right with your estimated budget so that you don’t need to worry about being over charged. Also to keep in mind is that in Kathmandu valley ATM’s normally only allow withdrawals up to Rs 35,000 a day. So, in case you need to withdraw more money, it is highly recommended to be done in advance.

Hire a local trekking company
Hiring a local trekking and tour company is an important factor for your first trek in Nepal. As many tourists often tend to forget & ignore the availability of local trekking companies in Kathmandu and don’t see the actual lively benefits of hiring a local trekking company. In highlight the positive side about hiring a local trekking company is that you don’t have to worry much about money, because the money agreed back in Kathmandu will cover all food and accommodation entirely on your trek.

Buy your trekking gear
The next thing to take into account is that you need to buy yourself essential trekking equipment and clothing. Having necessary trekking gear is a requisite which should be an obligation from your side so if you have time to spare in Kathmandu, explore for about 1-2 days and carefully buy the gears from shops of your choice while also comparing the prices. Mostly because it is often noticed that different shops put on different price rate for the same product so don’t rush into the first shop to buy as you will be disappointed later on by the variation in the prices.

High Altitude Sickness
One of the major issue that majority of trekkers have to face during their trek is High Altitude Sickness. And this is especially most concerning for the first time trekkers who have never been in terrains with elevated altitude so different from their own native place. So yeah it’s a challenge which must be faced in a trek commonly by the trekkers who ascend too hurriedly, which doesn’t allow ample amount of time for their body to adjust to the changes in the air pressure and level of Oxygen in the air.

So, I hope after reading this you are much well-informed and can come prepared for your first trek in Nepal.

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