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Posted On: Apr 19, 2017

Nepal Trekking and Hiking

“In our life, everything has a season and a right time to convey our love for adventure.”

In practicality, I would say Nepal is a haven for adventure and travel enthusiasts who can come here during any month of the year of their choosing. Further on let me tell you that, in Nepal one should have no problem finding trek routes with their own varied originality and adventure. As trekking in Nepal is generally carried out all year round, travelers can effortlessly find a trek which suites their exact needs and visit Nepal accordingly but nevertheless, some treks are susceptible to be ever more grandiose by the season in which you decide to trek upon. So, be prepared to get your minds blown as you make your way into Nepal’s much loved/appreciated treks.

Anyway, let me show you the perfect or the finest season for some of the major and popular treks around Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Okay! I know everybody who initially thinks about Nepal is due to the fact that Mt. Everest lies within its territorial boundaries. But that doesn’t mean you should just jump on the first flight you get to Nepal in order to trek towards the base camp of Mt. Everest. Look you can decide for yourself and select a particular time of the month to go on a trek here but to be honest Everest Base Camp trek is more likely to be enjoyable for you if you choose to visit it during the month of April, May and mid-June. In terms of many relevant factors this is the finest time as the weather is good for gaining crystal clear views of the ever-longing mountains like Mt. Everest. Nonetheless, the trails are also particularly good without much problematic turns along the way.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

For its beautiful scenic heart capturing valleys and trekking trails, Annapurna Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular trek in the entire world. So, it won’t be a shame if you admit that coming to Nepal was majorly due to the vibe of getting closer to the Annapurna Base Camp. Though Annapurna might not be the highest mountain in Nepal or the world, it still attracts a lot of tourists each year in thousands from around the globe. Largely, the spring season is considered to be the best time to trek due to the blossoming of the rhododendron forests which make the trail even more appealing for the western travelers. But still the months of Autumn can also be the next most preferred months for this trek.

Upper Mustang Trek

In simplistic views, I would suggest Spring & Autumn as the best months to travel/trek in Upper Mustang. Being widely famous for its mind binding geographical landscapes which in some sense look a lot like Tibet’s plateau make travelers trek here for its authentic off the beaten trekking trails. Upper Mustang also lies in the rain shadow of the Dhaulagiri so even during the monsoon months, trekkers can choose to trek here instead of other popular trekking routes of Annapurna & Everest regions. Being an off the beaten path trek has its many advantages as trekkers who hate jam packed trek trails filled with several tourists, can find the lone trekking trails of Upper Mustang very appealing.

Kanchenjunga Trek

Look, by now you should know that Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world and the second highest in Nepal in terms of its height of course! Nonetheless, trekking here isn’t done much as opposed to its counter parts of Annapurna and Everest region. Being located in a very isolated region of Nepal, afar from the modern-day advances, Kanchenjunga region is one of the most pristine places in which you can trek. Having said that, trekking here I mostly preferred during the spring season when the weather is at the right temperature which can be of huge benefit. During spring one can easily gain breathtaking views of Mt. Kanchenjunga from afar and explore the vicinity around the valleys of Kanchenjunga region without worrying about rainfall or other damaging factors.

As showed above, Nepal is undoubtedly a place made for trekking but choosing when to trek can make your trip to Nepal either a very memorable one which you will cherish forever or it will be horrible which in turn creates a bad impression of Nepal on you. Hence, I hope after reading the above information, you now can decide for yourself on where and when to trek when you visit the Himalayan nation of Nepal.  

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