Annapurna Vs Everest Trekking

Posted On: Mar 29, 2017


Nepal is a diversified country full of new and interesting experiences both naturally and culturally. And for that, tourists & trekkers from all around the world come to Nepal to go through its diversified landscape. Thus without a doubt trekking has become a major part of Nepalese economy. Among all the popular treks available here, Annapurna and Everest treks are the most popular treks. Trekkers come to Nepal mostly to go for a trek in Annapurna or the Everest region. But with their popularity come the contradictions and comparisons between these two glorious treks. So here I shall try to shine a light on that particular topic.

Below I have listed out some of the major points of both the treks to show you the distinguished uniqueness of these two popular treks.

1) Scenery:

Normally when we talk about the Everest Trek, we prefer the Everest Base Camp Trek. But on the contrary you cannot actually see the top of the Everest from the base camp. So in reality you don’t need to get to the base camp. You could actually climb up the Kala Pathar and witness the majestic and grandeur view of the Everest and other surrounding mountains.

Just like that the Annapurna Trek takes you on a journey to the foothills of the Himalayas. The trail is full of awesome scenery throughout the trek with the views of terraced fields, forests of oak and rhododendron. And when you get higher amongst the mountains you get the enchanted view of Annapurna’s and Machapuchare. If you’re in the Annapurna region in April, the rhododendron trees will be in blooms which are simply beautiful.

2) Price:

Now let’s talk about the prices of these two most popular trekking regions in Nepal. The first thing any trekker notices is that the Everest region is more costly than Annapurna region. This mainly happens because unlike Annapurna region, the Everest region is not vastly connected by roads till now. So bringing the needed materials up the hills is hard and that directly affects the price of food, water and accommodations there to increase dramatically than the Annapurna region. So look at your budget and if you can afford a bit costly trek then go for Everest but unless you want to spend huge amount of money on food and accommodation then go for Annapurna rather.

3) Difficulty:

Okay the difficulty part of the trek is a major issue as it can determine if a trekker can actually finish the full planned trek or not. So it’s necessary for the trekkers to know about the difficulty of these two treks. Yes these two regions have both the short and the long treks, but still the difference in the altitude and the issue of acclimatization differs rapidly on each of the trek. Thus it’s wise to select the trek which your body can cope and handle. The terrains also factor in for increasing the difficulty of a trek. And to be honest both of the treks have to be climbed up and down as the terrain doesn’t get simpler in many places. But in the midst both Everest and Annapurna still require adequate acclimatization time.

 4) Quality of lodging and food:

If you are planning a trek with easy availability of food and drinks then you don’t have to worry as no matter how high you go on these treks you will always find a cabin or a tea house to accommodate you with food and drinks though some might not be of your choices. Now the harsh part of is the cost and quality of the food and lodging available there because you wouldn’t want to spend your night staying up with no sleep. Thus you should always look for a quality lodging service during this trek. Annapurna and Everest have similar kinds of lodging experiences but in Annapurna it’s a lot cheaper.

 5) Crowds:
To compare the number of tourists coming on these trekking trails is also necessary as it later on will determine the enjoyment of the full trek throughout the region. No one wants to have a trek full of strangers aka trekkers from other groups walking alongside you throughout the trek. So it’s necessary to keep in mind the crowds on these two treks. To assess the treks in both regions I say Everest region treks are far more crowded than the treks done in the Annapurna region as people wish to view the almighty and famous Mt. Everest.

Lastly after going through all the above factors we still have to agree that both of these two treks, Annapurna and Everest are the world’s most popular trekking routes. Therefore, it’s apparently intricate and complex to determine which is one more superior or better. But if you read the above things which I mentioned, then you will certainly get the idea that each trek has its own uniqueness, so it’s wise to just go for one of the two treks and see for yourself the magnificence and glory of the these two most popular treks in Nepal.

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